This question comes up on a regular basis. The answer is "maybe". Some providers allow it, some don't. We have had a 90% success rate with faxing.

With VoIP service, you can take your phone number anywhere you go, easily. If you have a Chicago number and you move to New York, you can keep your Chicago number. This is very convenient for friends and family to keep in contact with you wherever you go.

The number one reason to switch to VoIP technology for telephone service is cost reduction. From that base, VoIP is able to provide some compelling features which makes switching even more attractive.

Frequently Asked Questions

As the term says VoIP is the transmission of voice communication through IP packets and, therefore, through the Internet. VoIP can use accelerating hardware to achieve this purpose and can also be used in a PC environment.

What is VoIP?

Why VoIP?

Number Portability

Can I FAX with VoIP?

Because the system is based on Open Design, this helps in reducing the cost both on hardware and software. This is a huge advantage over proprietary systems. Not being locked into one vendors system.

What is the cost?